90 years of Kazeto Ltd.

90 years of Kazeto Ltd.


Traditional Czech company Kazeto has been supplying for Czech and foreign markets riveted suitcases, children suitcases, Interior boxes, hat boxes and toys for more than 90 years.

The name "Kazeto" comes from first letters of KArel ZEda TOvarna!

The story, which Kazeto had to go through, was all but not easy. The founder of the company, Mr. Karel Zejda was initially shoemaker.

Unlike many other competitors, he early recognised the danger of quick expansion of Baťa company, which finally took over almost all the small shoemakers from his area.

Mr. Zejda took advantage of his foreign business trips and decided to go the other direction. He focused on production of suitcases and luggage - leather suitcases, boat suitcases and wardrobe suitcases. This decision, not just safed the company, but also ensured unique position.

In late ´30s of last century, the factory Kazeto produced more than 6 million suitcases a year! The goods was exported to Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and also Australia, China and Egypt. The factory was practically independent - it had its own power station, cardboard shop, painting room, dye-works and also own trainee school.

In 1948, the company Kazeto was nationalized and Zejda family was persecuted by communists. Mr. Zejda was in age of 70 years accused for speculation and sentenced to 2,5 years, which he spent in Ilava prison.

During the time the most of the production was aimed to former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe markets. Mr. Zejda died in poor conditions in1977.

The restitution and giving back the factory to Zejda family was very important moment of factory history. Descendant followed up with handmade production, they started supplying the goods back to Czech and foreign markets, e.g. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavian countries, USA and Japan.

In area of design, Kazeto cooperates with plenty of well-known artists, illustrators, designers and also gifted students.

The company offers infinite range of colours, patterns and shapes. However, the most demanding are still traditional retro suitcases with wooden laths and round corners.

You are welcome to celebrate with us our 90th anniversary.

We provide interesting programme and refreshment.

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