Kazeto for endowment fund LA VIDA

Kazeto for endowment fund LA VIDA


Our company has decided to help children, that stayed immediately after they were born without parents. We decided to cooperate with lovely project endowment fund LA VIDA and we donated for these children 400 (four hundred) suitcases. Nurses in the hospital and later future parents, foster parents and tutors will save all important things and “memories”. 

And do you know, who made such a beautiful design of the suitcases?  These cute painting were drawn with love by children. The size of the suitcases is big enough to keep first little clothes, shoes, dummy, pictures and babies diary. Babies diary is the most important thing for all children, where can find the information about the day, when they were born – what was the weather and the situation around the world.  

All of these information are usually lost. We think that it is a great idea to give children suitcases full of memories. We hope that everybody who will take care about the children in the future will follow the idea and will work with life story of each child. This beautiful suitcase full of memories should symbolize the journey of the life.

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